Color Blindness


Color blindness isn't a type of blindness in the slightest degree, however a deficiency within the approach you see color. With this vision problem, you have got problem characteristic sure colours, like blue and yellow or red and green.

Nearly all people who ar “color blind” will see colours however have problem characteristic between sure colours.

Not all those that ar color blind have bother with a similar colours – most cannot distinguish between reds and greens.

some cannot separate blues from yellows; and a very little cluster have a condition known as colour vision deficiency that solely allows them to check black and white.



  • low attention span when colouring in work sheets
  • denial of colour issues
  • problems in characteristic red or inexperienced color pencils or any color pencil with red or green in its composition. (e.g.
  • purple, brown)
  • identification of color could also be created worse by low level lightweight, little areas of color and colors of a similar hue
  • sensitivity to bright lights
  • reading problems with colored pages or work sheets created with color on color



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