Diabetes could be a sickness during which your body cannot properly use the food you eat for energy. Your cells need energy to live and grow.

When you eat, food breaks down into a type of energy known as glucose. Glucose is another word for sugar.

The glucose goes into your blood and your blood sugar increase. Insulin is a hormone made by your pancreas.

It helps glucose move from your blood into your cells therefore your body will use it for energy. People cannot live without insulin.

There are three main types of diabetes.

• In sort one diabetes, the exocrine gland makes no insulin.

• In sort a pair of polygenic disorder, the exocrine gland doesn't create enough hormone or your body isn't ready to use the insulin the exocrine gland makes.

• In physiological condition diabetes throughout gestation, the mother isn't ready to build enough insulin to hide the wants of each mother and baby.


Signs of Diabetes

• Very thirsty

• Feeling tired

• Use the toilet often to urinate

• Blurred vision

• Weight loss

• Wounds are slow to heal

• Constant hunger

• Itchy skin

• Infections

• Numbness or tingling in feet and/or hands

• issues with sexual issues usually folks don't have any signs although their blood sugar level is high.


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