1st noticed an itchy, red patch on your baby’s cheeks, chin, or chest that she or he( both) damaged till it make even a lot of irritated.

Sound familiar Or maybe you experienced one thing similar on your own neck, inner elbows, or behind your knees. Eczema can appear anywhere on the body.

That’s probably when you made an appointment with your doctor, who looked at it, talked to you about your symptoms, asked you questions about your family history and the types of products you use on your skin and in your home. Then your doctor told you it was eczema.

So what exactly is eczema? Who can get it and why? And what should you do, now that you or your child has been diagnosed?

Learning a lot of regarding what reasonably skin problem you have got and what could have triggered it, is the best starting point to treating and managing it, so that your eczema doesn’t get in the way of your everyday life.




  • Eczema is usually itchy. For many people, the itch is usually only mild, or moderate.
  • But in some cases it will become a lot of worse and you may develop extraordinarily inflamed skin.
  • Sometimes the itch gets therefore unhealthy that individuals scratch it till it bleeds, which might create your skin problem worse.
  • This is called the “itch-scratch cycle.”
  • What to look for:
  • Dry, sensitive skin
  • Red, inflamed skin
  • Very bad itching
  • Dark colored patches of skin
  • Rough, leathery or scaly patches of skin
  • Oozing or crusting
  • Areas of swelling





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